Wedding photography is undoubtedly one of the most challenging assignments a photographer can take. The risks are high and a lot of possible concerns may arise. On the other hand, shooting a wedding can also be one of the most rewarding professional tasks.

More often than not, novice wedding photographers commit amateur mistakes. Most would argue this is inevitable given that wedding photography is such a vast undertaking. However, these mistakes are definitely avoidable. Here are some of the most common mistakes a photographer can make during a wedding assignment and how they can be avoided.

  • Lack of Experience = Honesty and Right Gadgets

Many amateur wedding photographers take the job only because family members or friends pressure them to do so. If you have a DSLR camera and friends know about it, they might talk you into taking ‘professional’ pictures on a friend’s or family’s wedding ceremony. Your inexperience will surely get in the way of accomplishing your task without a hitch. If you aren’t confident at all, simply turn the work down.

However, if you have committed to take the wedding pictures, you must be aware of your strength and weaknesses as an amateur photographer. Be honest to your clients, especially if they are paying you to do the job. Secondly, get your hands on the right accessories to help you come up with beautiful shots. Have at least two first-rate cameras, a few flashguns and a variety of lenses. Learn how to use these gadgets weeks before the wedding so come the big day, you would have the confidence to carry out your task.

  • Poor Exposure = Settings Adjustment

The best wedding photographers know how to highlight the intricate details of wedding elements. Because of this, any snapper should know how to tweak the settings of his or her camera. Many amateurs make the mistake of taking pictures with poor exposure, thus small details like that in wedding dresses or rings are not emphasized in the shot. Luckily, with the advancement in technology, shooting with digital camera has made it possible for photographers to make a test shot in order to make adjustments ASAP.

If you want your detailed pictures to come out perfect, do not overexpose your subject. Do not underexpose it either or you’ll get a dingy outcome. A few changes in the setting of your DSLR can solve these problems for you.

  • Horrible Background = Location Visit

A lot of beginners in wedding photography make the mistake of placing their subject on a horrible background during photo shoots. This is definitely a rookie mistake but not unavoidable. As a wedding photographer, you should visit the location of the ceremony and/or reception at least a few days before the big day. Doing so will help you plan the best areas to organize planned shoots with the bride and groom and their entourage. Take note of the best places to take pictures and bring your note on the wedding day.

Rookie mistakes do happen in wedding photography.However, if you prepare yourself from the daunting task of shooting people in one of the most momentous occasions in their lives, you will find that this new occupation can be most gratifying.

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